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Metaphysical meaning of Orion (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Orion (mbd)
Orion, o-ri-on (Gk.)--blooming; beautiful; strong; a mighty hunter; virtuous; lusty; loin; inward strength; confidence; hope; impiety; folly; foolishness; sluggish.

A group of stars (Job 9:9). A brilliant constellation on the equator, pictured as a great hunter, or as a huge giant who had warred against God and had been bound with chains to the firmament of heaven (Job 3X:31).

Meta. The seeming strength and desirability of the animal forces in man (beautiful, blooming, strong, a mighty hunter) and the apparent bondage of the individual to these forces ("Canst thou . . . loose the bands of Orion ?"). Man has a very dim comprehension that back of even his apparently animal forces and propensities that seem to bind him so tightly to the flesh there is something that is divine, there is some wonderful truth. Yet, like the stars that represent truths apparently far beyond man's present conception, his inner forces and powers, with their origin and possibilities, are just beginning to be faintly understood by him.

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