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Metaphysical meaning of Oreb (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Oreb (mbd)
Oreb, o'-reb (Heb.)--jet blackness; western darkness; rapacious; voracious; ravenous; raven.

a A prince of Midian, and b the name of a rock where this prince was slain by the Ephraimites under Gideon (Judg. 7:25)

Meta. A greedy, rapacious ruling thought in unredeemed man (raven, meaning rapine, rapacity; and a prince of Midian, Midian meaning strife, contention). If the individual gives this thought a place it robs him of his peace of mind and consciousness of good. It must therefore be overcome by denial of the error (Gideon) backed up by the individual will (Ephraimites).

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