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Metaphysical meaning of Nethanel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nethanel (mbd)
Nethanel (A.V., Nethaneel), ne-than'-el (Heb.)--given of God; God gives; gift of God.

a Son of Zuar, and prince of the tribe of Issachar, while in the wilderness (Num. 1:18). b Fourth son of Jesse, and brother of David (I Chron. 2:14). c There were others by this name, also.

Meta. Zuar, father of one Nethanel, means made little. Jesse, the father of the second-named Nethanel, represents eternal existence (Jah exists, Jah is, he who is). God gives His grace to those who are small in their own eyes in so far as the lesser self is concerned. "God . . . giveth grace to the humble" (James. 4:6; I Pet. 5:5); "Whosoever shall humble himself shall be exalted" (Matt. 23:12); "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth" (Matt. 5:5); "When I am weak, then am I strong" (II Cor. 12:10).

Nethanel signifies this grace of God, which is God's gift to His children (gift of God), to those who are not puffed up in personality and the lesser self, yet realize the eternal existence of their own indwelling Christ, or I AM, and are firm and strong in this realization (see JESSE), thus boldly and steadfastly laying hold of their good. To such persons especially applies the promise, "My grace is sufficient for thee" (II Cor. 12:9); whatever their need may be at any time --a greater consciousness of strength, vitality, love, joy, peace, power, faith, substance--God in them is their all-sufficiency in that thing and it comes quickly into expression.

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