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Metaphysical meaning of Nepheg (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nepheg (mbd)
Nepheg, ne'-pheg (Heb.)--coming forth; sprout; bud; emanation; breathe out; weak; faint; slack; expired.

a Son of Izhar, who was a son of Kohath, and grandson of Levi (Ex. 6:21). b The name of one of David's sons who was born in Jerusalem (II Sam. 5:15).

Meta. A development in consciousness (coming forth, bud) of understanding (see IZHAR. father of Nepheg) in relation to the attracting, unifying quality of love that Kohath, father of Izhar and grandfather of Nepheg, represents. (David also represents love.) This development of understanding as it relates to love is not, at this stage of its unfoldment in the individual, so free from the limitations of the personal as it should be; therefore there is something of a dissipating and weakening character about the individual's expression of love, such as may be found in purely human sympathy (emanation, breathe out, weak, faint, slack, expired). Weak human sympathy leads to death and not to life; true love is strong, uplifting, and life-giving.

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