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Metaphysical meaning of Nazirite (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nazirite (mbd)
Nazirite (A.V., Nazarite), naz'-i-rite (fr. Heb.)--separated; consecrated by vow; abstinence; set apart by choice; devotion.

One chosen, or set apart; one consecrated to God by a vow (Num. 6:2-21). Samson was a Nazirite (Judg. 13:5, 24; 16:17; see Amos 2:11, 12, also).

Meta. A Nazirite signifies what the meaning of the word (consecrated by vow, separated) implies: the thoughts consecrated to Truth, to life, holy, sanctified, free from all worldliness and from belief in error, destruction, death. (One of the points relating to a Nazirite that is given more explicit directions than others is that he shall not come near a dead body, under any consideration. See Numbers 6:6-12. Even so, thoughts purified from error and given wholly to Truth are entirely separated from any belief or teaching relating to materiality and death, are separate from all destructive tendencies; they are fully centered in life, and in that which is uplifting and constructive.)

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