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Metaphysical meaning of Nain (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nain (mbd)
Nain, na'-in (Gk. fr. Heb.)--proper; suitable; becoming; decorous; comely; pleasant; beautiful; seat; dwelling; habitation; pasture.

A city in Palestine, the place where Jesus raised the widow's son to life (Luke 7:11-17).

Meta. Man is the proper and suitable dwelling place for and the expresser of life and Truth and substance (dwelling, seat, habitation, comely, pasture; Truth is beautiful, and its ways are indeed pleasant to the consecrated soul). When the individual recognizes the abidingness of Truth, and acts on it by means of his I AM (Jesus), an inner quickening takes place and he is awakened to a newness of life and youth throughout his being. This is indicated by Jesus' raising the widow's son to life.

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