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Metaphysical meaning of Malchus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Malchus (mbd)
Malchus, mal'-chus (Gk. fr. Heb.)--ruler; counselor; judge; king.

The high priest's servant, whose right ear Peter cut off with his sword, when the soldiers and the officials came out to take Jesus (John 18:10). Jesus rebuked Peter, and healed the man's ear (John 18:11; Luke 22:51).

Meta. The high priest represents the executive power of divine law. Here, the high priest symbolizes the executive power, or ruling thought, in the phase of man's consciousness that is established in old formal religious ideas and activities. It does not accept the Christ life and Truth, but attempts to deny them out of consciousness and crucify the Christ.

Malchus, the high priest's servant, meaning ruler, counselor, judge, king, signifies the limited understanding and judgment of the ruling power that the high priest represents. Though very limited and bigoted in its apprehension of spiritual things, and though it seemingly serves against the Christ, against the individual's highest spiritual good, one must not use one's word of faith (Peter's sword) against it destructively; such a proceeding would only serve to cut off its right ear, to limit still further the possibility that this phase of consciousness might perceive and lay hold of Truth. This limited understanding and judgment should be healed, illumined, and lifted up (Jesus' healing the man's ear) instead of being pushed still further into unreceptivity and darkness, if one's complete regeneration is to be accomplished.

Malchus, counselor, could also be interpreted as follows: Your faith (Peter) in the righteousness of your cause may lead you to combat the thoughts of the ruling religious powers, and in your impetuosity you resent their counsel (Malchus, counselor) and deny their capacity to receive Truth (cut of the right ear), but good judgment and a broad comprehension of the divine overcoming through which you are passing will cause you to adopt pacific means. "Put up the sword into the sheath."

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