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Metaphysical meaning of Malchiel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Malchiel (mbd)
Malchiel, mal'-chi-el (Heb.)--rule of God; judgment of God; counsel of God; God is king; God's king, i. e., one appointed by Him; God's dominion.

Son of Beriah and grandson of Asher (Gen. 46:17). He became head of the family of the Malchielites (Num. 26:45), and was the father or founder of Birzaith (I Chron. 7:31).

Meta. Man's acknowledgment of the supremacy of divine power and rulership; in other words, one's exalting God in consciousness and giving Him dominion, bowing to and obeying Truth. This in turn elevates the individual, and enables him through his I AM, or indwelling Christ, to obtain dominion over himself, to gain control of and to direct his thoughts, desires, words, and acts. Thus he becomes master in his whole life and affairs.

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