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Metaphysical meaning of Lod (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Lod (mbd)
Lod, lod (Heb.)--division; conception; emanation; pregnancy; travail; nativity; birth; contest; cleavage; fissure; strife.

A city of Benjamin (I Chron. 8:12). Its Greek name was Lydda. In the New Testament it is called Lydda.

Meta. The breaking up of an old group of thoughts, or thought habit in consciousness, that a renewal of the mind may be accomplished. In other words, the effort that the seemingly human mind expends in bringing forth new and higher ideas, or the strife and contention that attend the breaking up of error that Truth may be brought to birth and take precedence (division, conception, strife, travail, birth; a city of Benjamin). (See Matthew 10:34. See LYDDA and ├ćNEAS.)

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