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Metaphysical meaning of Letushim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Letushim (mbd)
Letushim, le-tu'-shim (Heb.)--hammered; forged; sharpened; sharp; stern; oppressing; forbidding; threatening.

Son of Dedan, who was a son of Jokshan. Jokshan was one of Abraham's sons by his second wife, Keturah (Ger.. 25:3).

Meta. Dedan, father of Letushim, means low, physical love, and refers to the lower, seemingly physical and carnal mind in unredeemed man, especially as it relates to selfish loves and desires. Letushim signifies the friction, the sense of being oppressed and hard driven (hammered, forged, sharpened, stern, oppressing, forbidding), that all persons who are in this lower, earthly consciousness experience much of the time. Especially do they have these experiences if they have enough of the awakened thought that Abraham represents, and the soul desire for higher things that Keturah signifies, to give them the inner urge to better themselves and their conditions, but are unsuccessful in coming up out of the limitations of sensate belief and thought enough to "let" God work in and through them. In the Letushim consciousness, advancement is slow and is worked out by means of hard experiences.

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