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Metaphysical meaning of Lasha (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Lasha (mbd)
Lasha, la'-shå (Heb.)--puncturing; bursting forth; cleaving; chasm; fountain; for looking upon; for anointing, i. e., the eyes.

A place mentioned as being at the southern extremity of the border of Canaan (Gen. 10:19). It is thought to be identical with the hot springs of Callirrhoë, near the Dead Sea.

Meta. The cities that are mentioned in the text with Lasha, as being on the southern border of Canaan, are representative of the subconscious substance and life in man, ruled over and actuated by various phases of the subjective carnal, sensual mind.

Lasha signifies the bursting forth of this inner substance and life (fountain) into greater activity in consciousness. Lasha also points to a penetrating of the seemingly mortal and material state of the subjective substance and life in unawakened man (puncturing, cleaving) by higher ideals, truer understanding (for anointing, i. e., the eyes; eyes always point to understanding, and anointing bespeaks oil, which signifies Spirit) that the inner life and substance may become purified of the sensual and consecrated to spiritual expression and use.

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