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Metaphysical meaning of Lahad (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Lahad (mbd)
Lahad, la'-had (Heb.)--flaming; glowing; glittering; praising; bright; splendid; majestic; scorched; dark; oppression.

Son of Jahath, of the tribe of Judah (I Chron. 4:2).

Meta. Jahath, father of Lahad, represents the tearing down and the building up that attend every true overcoming of error in individual consciousness. (See JAHATH.) Ahumai, Lahad's brother who is named with him, signifies a negative, denying, or letting-go state of thought, (See AHUMAI.) The negative meanings of Lahad (scorched, dark, oppression) do not belong to this man. He denotes the consciousness' coming up out of the seemingly negative attitude, into which it has been thrown in the process of putting away error, into a realization of conscious, joyous victory and strength (praising, glowing, bright, splendid, majestic).

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