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Metaphysical meaning of Kore (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kore (mbd)
Kore, ko'-re (Heb.)--caller; crier; proclaimer; beseecher; convoker; reciter; a partridge; quail; any calling bird.

a A Levite, a descendant of Korah (I Chron. 9:19). b A Levite, son of Imnah (II Chron. 31:14).

Meta. That in man's natural religious tendencies (Levites, in their office of ministering in the house of Jehovah) which insistently suggests and proclaims true ideas to man's inner consciousness and seeks to impress them on him. (The men named Kore belonged to the porters in the Temple. One of them "was over the freewill-offerings of God, to distribute the oblations of Jehovah, and the most holy things.")

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