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Metaphysical meaning of Kitron (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Kitron (mbd)
Kitron, kit'-ron (Heb.)--knotted; jointed; vertebrate; knotty, i~ e., difficult of solution; parables; figurative; dwarfed; short; small; little.

A city of Zebulun. The Zebulunites did not drive out its Canaanitish inhabitants, "but the Canaanites dwelt among them, and became subject to taskwork" (Judg. 1:30). This city is named Kattath in Joshua 19:15.

Meta. A group of thoughts in the Zebulun or order faculty in individual consciousness. Like Kattath, the ideas of this thought center are too small and savor too much of the belief in limitation (little and short); there is too little reality in them (figurative) and they believe the problem of putting away all error, sensate ideas (Canaanites) to be too knotty and hard a task for them to accomplish. They do not, therefore, at this phase of the unfoldment of the individual, make the attainment that they should. (See KATTATH.)

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