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Metaphysical meaning of Judaea (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Judaea (mbd)
Judaea (in A. V., Luke 23:5 and John 7:1, Jewry), ju-dæ'-å (Gk. fr. Heb.)--of Judah; praise Jehovah; celebration of Jehovah; laud Jehovah; confess Jah.

The southern division of Palestine; the land or province of Judah (Matt. 2:1).

Meta. A reference to the interpretation of Scriptural names shows Judæa (now commonly spelled Judea) to mean "the praise of Jehovah." This then is a key to the mental attitude in which the Christ consciousness will be opened to us--while we are praising the Lord.

Judæa is the land of Judah. "Judah" means "praise Jehovah, confession of Jah." In John 4:47 the I AM (Jesus) dwelling in "praise of Jehovah" (Judæa) identifies man with Christ thoughts and leads to greater expression of divine power. (See JUDAH, the tribe and kingdom.)

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