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Metaphysical meaning of Jekameam (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jekameam (mbd)
Jekameam, jek-a-me'-am (Heb.)--heaping together of the people; gathering of the people; congregation of the people; rising of the people; standing of the people.

Son of Hebron, of the Levites (I Chron. 23:19).

Meta. Jekameam (congregation of the people) comprises the thoughts of the intellectual, or purely mental, plane that are raised (rising of the people) to a higher standard (standing of the people) by the individual's consciously unifying himself (Hebron, father of Jekameam, means alliance and signifies the front brain or seat of conscious thought; see HEBRON) with true spiritual ideals. This leads to abundant fruitfulness of good.

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