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Metaphysical meaning of Jehdeiah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jehdeiah (mbd)
Jehdeiah, jeh-de'-iah (Heb.)--being one with Jehovah; whom Jehovah unites; unity of Jehovah; whom Jehovah makes joyful; Jehovah is their joy; gladness of Jah is theirs.

a A Levite (I Chron. 24:20). b "The Meronothite," one who had charge of the asses, in David's reign (I Chron. 27:30).

Meta. Ideas of divine unity, or oneness with the inner Christ, Jehovah, the perfect-man idea in Divine Mind, or our true I AM. This gives joy, makes glad the heart, and enables us to direct aright, control, and care for even the stubborn animal nature in us that the word "asses" signifies.

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