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Metaphysical meaning of Jason (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jason (mbd)
Jason, ja'-son (Gk.)--Greek form of Joshua; helper; deliverer; healer; he who succors; he who cures; Jehovah delivers.

A Christian friend of Paul's, at Thessalonica. He was brought before the rulers of the city because of having received Paul and Silas in his home (Acts 17:6-9).
Meta. Jason means deliverer, healer, he who cures, Jehovah delivers; he represents the I AM in its first stages of growth in the higher law. He is hauled before the rulers and accused of setting up a new king in opposition to C├Žsar. He is called upon to give security for the brethren; that is, he heals the breach between the opposing forces in the consciousness by making concessions for the time being. He sends away the fiery Paul and the psalm-singing Silas, and harmony is restored. We should not be too full of zeal in our spiritual ongoing. We are apt to become fanatical and disagreeable and make ourselves obnoxious. Pour oil on your troubled waters by now and then going into the silence and holding for harmony (slipping away in the night).

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