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Metaphysical meaning of Japhia (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Japhia (mbd)
Japhia, ja-phi-å (Heb.)--bright; brilliant; gleaming; glowing; splendid.

a King of Lachish, one of the kings who joined Adonizedek king of Jerusalem in fighting against Joshua, but was defeated and killed by the Israelites under Joshua (Josh. 10:3-27). b A place on the eastern border of Zebulun (Josh. 19:12). c A son of David's who was born in Jerusalem (II Sam. 5:15).

Meta. Light, intelligence, understanding.

In the two persons and the place named Japhia we discern intelligence increasing in consciousness and being raised to a higher level. Japhia king of Lachish signifies understanding expressing on a very low, carnal plane. By means of Joshua, I AM, this low phase of reason is cast out and the truer understanding that has taken its place grows to be a city, a group of thoughts, the central thought of which is an idea of order (Zebulun). Then in Japhia son of David, who was born to David in Jerusalem, light or understanding is lifted to the spiritual center in consciousness and is imbued with the qualities of love and peace. Thus our inner intelligence ever grows finer, purer, and more abundant until its light shines in greater and greater brilliance to every minutest phase of our being and lifts all into the very essence of that which is divine, perfect, whole, immortal.

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