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Metaphysical meaning of Jannes (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jannes (mbd)
Jannes, jan'-nes (Gk. fr. Egypt.)--mockery; deception; poverty; rebellion.

A man, supposedly an Egyptian magician, who opposed Moses when Moses was seeking from Pharaoh the release of the Israelites (II Tim. 3:8). This same adverse spirit worked in some of the professing Christians of Paul's day.

Meta. The significance is virtually the same as that of Jambres. The quality of seeming wisdom in consciousness for which these men stand is actuated and governed by the adverse, carnal mind, and cannot compare with the wisdom and power of true understanding. It is deceptive and is altogether lacking in reverence and respect for anything higher than itself. It cannot abide, therefore, but will be overthrown with the Egyptian obscurity and darkness to which it belongs.

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