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Metaphysical meaning of Jambres (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Jambres (mbd)
Jambres, jam'-bres (Gk. fr. Egypt.)--wise man; magician; soothsayer; diviner.

One of the "wise men" or "magicians" of Egypt, who withstood Moses by seeking to keep Pharaoh from letting the Israelites go (II Tim. 3:8; see also Exod. 7:11).

Meta. A perception, intuition, or semblance of wisdom, belonging to the consciousness in man that Egypt represents. (See EGYPT.) This partial wisdom works against man's real, true thoughts (Israelites). It perceives the immediate effect that will ensue if the Israelites are released from Egyptian slavery; it therefore withstands Moses (the upward expression of the evolutionary law of the soul) and counsels Pharaoh (the ruling ego of the Egypt phase of man's consciousness) not to let the Children of Israel go. It even seeks to counterfeit the workings of Spirit in order to blind Pharaoh's eyes and resist the progress of Truth.

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