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Metaphysical meaning of Ishpah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ishpah (mbd)
Ishpah (A. V., Ispah), ish-pah (Heb.)--firm; strong; scratched; scraped; made smooth; polished; excellence; bald; bare i. e., as a bone; jasper stone; worn, wasted; excess.

A Benjamite chief (I Chron. 8:16, 28).

Meta. A leading faith thought in consciousness (a chief man of Benjamin) producing excellence, firmness, and strength (firm, strong). The working out of the definitions of Ishpah, however, show a wearing out tendency, or a tendency to dissipation, through use, instead of an increase of strength and all good. This is because the individual at this stage of his development does not comprehend clearly the omnipresent fullness of life, substance, and spiritual Truth. Life and good are abiding, and will increase daily in man's consciousness as he learns to abide in the inner truth of Being and quit throwing his forces to the outer, in his activities.

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