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Metaphysical meaning of Irijah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Irijah (mbd)
Irijah, i-ri-jah (Heb.)--whom Jehovah sees; Jah will look upon; apprehension of Jehovah; reverence of Jehovah; fear of Jehovah.

A captain, son of Shelemiah (Jer. 37:13). He accused Jeremiah of being in sympathy with the Chaldeans, and was instrumental in having him imprisoned.

Meta. Reverence, awe, developed to the point of fearfulness because of being mixed with the sensate, personal thought of God. The fear of the Lord, as we understand fear, is not the beginning of wisdom. Fear always tends to superstition, narrow-mindedness, and ignorance. A great reverence and respect for God, however, and for all things spiritual, with a deep, all-absorbing love for and adherence to the divine qualities of life, love, peace, wisdom, and Truth, does lead to greater and greater light. But fear of Jehovah (Irijah) leads to imprisonment of faith (Jeremiah) and to the paralyzing of the spiritual activities of the organism.

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