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Metaphysical meaning of Ibzan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ibzan (mbd)
Ibzan, ib'-zan (Heb.)--white; shining; brilliant; splendid; famous; tin.

A judge of Israel (Judg. 12:8, 10).

Meta. The excellence (splendid, famous) of true judgment in man, established in substance. It becomes a reflection of light, or, rather, it emits the true light of Spirit, to the whole consciousness. (Ibzan was a judge of Israel, a judge referring to the faculty of judgment and discernment in the individual. He was of Beth-lehem; and Beth-lehem, house of bread, is the substance center.)

Ibzan does not give the thought of inherent light, but a perfect reflecting medium, therefore it might be said to signify the highly illumined intellect, or the intellect lifted to a consciousness in which it knows and radiates Spirit.

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