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Metaphysical meaning of Hezro (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hezro (mbd)
Hezro (in A.V., II Samuel 23:35, Hezrai), hez'-ro (Heb.)--surrounded; inclosed; walled in; verdant pasture; court.

A Carmelite, one of David's guard (I Chron. 11: 37).

Meta. A Carmelite signifies abundance--a rich, opulent thought belonging to the place in consciousness where we realize the fullness of the possibilities that are ours under divine law (Carmel). Hezro (inclosed, verdant pasture) symbolizes the spiritual essence or character of our divine possibilities. They are spiritual and are not material in their origin and composition--and "flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God." So these possibilities are protected (surrounded, walled in); they cannot be utilized by the thoughts of the carnal consciousness, but are ever open to the ruling love thought (David). Thus they bloom beautifully to true fruitfulness and supply for the beloved of the Lord.

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