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Metaphysical meaning of Hegai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hegai (mbd)
Hegai (A.V., in Esth. 2:3, Hege), he'gai (Heb. or Pers.)--eunuch; separated; carried away; thought; meditation.

A chamberlain of King Ahasuerus; he was "keeper of the women" for the king (Esth. 2:3).

Meta. A thought activity, belonging to the puffed-up personal will (King Ahasuerus), that has been intrusted by the will with the guardianship of the soul emotions and desires (the women of the king's harem). All capacity to increase life and its forms has been eliminated from this thought for which Hegai stands (eunuch); yet there is in it a certain power of contemplation, poise, and steadfastness (meditation) that makes it peculiarly fit for the place that it holds in one's consciousness.

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