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Metaphysical meaning of Hammon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hammon (mbd)
Hammon, ham'-mon (Heb.)--hot; torrid; heat of the sun; hot springs.

a A city of Asher (Josh. 19:28). b A city of Naphtali that was given over to the Levites of the family of Gershom (I Chron. 6:76). This latter Hammon is supposed to be the same place as Hammath of Joshua 19:35.

Meta. Joy, substance, understanding (Asher) and strength (Naphtali) established in the consciousness of life (Springs).

Hammon of Naphtali was ceded to the Levites (thoughts belonging to the ruling intellectual religious consciousness in man). The idea of the sun connected with the thought of heat (heat of the sun) in a definition of Hammon suggests something of true spiritual understanding of life, thought hot, torrid, hot springs, point to sensuality. (See HAMMATH.)

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