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Metaphysical meaning of Halah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Halah (mbd)
Halah, ha'-lah (Heb., doubtful origin)--moist table; moist surface.

A place in Assyria, where some of the Israelites were placed when they were carried away captive by the Assyrian king (II Kings 17:6).

Meta. A nervous state into which a portion of man's highest religious thoughts and beliefs (Israelites) are thrown when the reasonings of the sense intellect (Assyrians) gain the ascendancy over them. Moist suggests a nervous state of mind and body. Moist also gives the thought of an expression of sympathy. Moist surface would indicate that this is outer, human sympathy, which is on the surface only and sympathizes weakly with appearances. It is not the Christ compassion, which always points the way out of error and inharmony, and aids in lifting one above seeming limitations.

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