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Metaphysical meaning of Gog (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Gog (mbd)
Gog, gog (Heb.)--elastic; stretched out; extended; at roof; plane top.

a An Israelite, a descendant from Reuben (I Chron. 5:4). b A nation, or company of people, that was to come against Israel in battle and be defeated (Ezek. 38:2-18). c Symbolical of the satanic enemies of the saints (Rev. 20:8).

Meta. The satanic or selfish thought force in human consciousness, warring against the true thought force that is based upon the ideas taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

Unity of purpose and effort is becoming widely recognized as the most potent means to attain any desired end. For instance, labor is proving its power to dictate terms to capital, through organized system in making its demands. Instead of many minds' pulling in many directions, labor speaks as one man and says in plain words what it will do if its terms are not granted. Something has to move when such unity of will obtains.

Sense wisdom is often resistant, however, the law of love is not observed. There arise antagonism, combativeness, war. What turmoil will result in this battle royal between the organized forces of man thought in the earth no one can tell. It is the battle of Gog and Magog, which will end only when the satanic or selfish thought is cast out of human consciousness. The push and the pull of thee two forces are sure for a time to produce discord in the affairs of men. Those who are not organized against it will suffer--they will be ground between the millstones of material conditions unless they know how to rise above them.

But there is another organized thought force. It is based upon the ideas promulgated by Jesus Christ. It believes in love, reason, honesty, justice, unselfishness, nonresistance, and, above all, in the guidance and wisdom and power of a Mind that is higher than that of the present race consciousness. This organized thought of spiritual-minded men and women will, through the ideas planted in the race thought by Jesus Christ, make unity with Divine Mind and establish right here in earth conditions of peace and harmony. It will not be accomplished by any outside deity, but by inner forces' acting through the souls of those dwelling on earth.

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