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Metaphysical meaning of gittith (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of gittith (mbd)
gittith, git'-tith (Heb.)--a stringed musical instrument; from or of Gath.

Gittith is thought to have been a musical instrument made at Gath, or else the title of certain Psalms that were sung during the time of gathering grapes and making wine (Psalms 8; 81; 84, titles).

Meta. Soul refinement through seeming trial. The deep peace and harmony into which the soul enters after a seeming conflict has been experienced because of a flow of new life into consciousness, and the consequent quickening and resurrecting of all the forces of the organism into newness of life. (Grapes suggest life, and wine also stands for the life of Spirit with its renewing power. Whenever a great quickening takes place in man before error is fully overcome and the consciousness is thoroughly purified, he seems to be stimulated to unrighteousness as well as to good. This is where the apparent travail, or trial, comes in; it is in the overcoming and rising above the apparent limitations of sense. When this is accomplished, greater harmony and peace reign in the soul than it has known before, and the soul radiates this harmony to the whole organism; thus the soul really becomes a musical instrument for divine service and Truth.)

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