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Metaphysical meaning of Ginath (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ginath (mbd)
Ginath, Kl'-nath (Heb.)--garden; inclosure; protection.

Father of Tibni. Part of the Israelites wanted Tibni to be their king instead of Omri, but Omri became king and Tibni was killed (I Kings 16:21, 22).

Meta. A thought of abundant sustenance (garden) and safety (protection) for the Israel consciousness in the individual. The fruit of this thought (Tibni, meaning intelligence building of Jehovah knowing) is endowed with a degree of spiritual insight or knowledge, and it aspires to rulership; but neither the thought nor its fruit is, at this stage of individual unfoldment, positive enough or well enough defined in character to overcome the aggressive, discordant ruling thought that Omri signifies here. Thus that which Ginath and Tibni represent is kept from further expression at this time; Tibni was killed, and Ginath is not mentioned elsewhere in the Bible.

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