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Metaphysical meaning of Geshan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Geshan (mbd)
Geshan (A.V., Gesham), ge'-shan (Heb.)--covered with dust or earth; unclean; filthy; dirty; otherwise, firm, strong.

Son of Jahdi, a descendant of Caleb's (I Chron. 2:47).

Meta. Geshan suggests two conditions that can follow the uniting of that in consciousness for which Caleb and Ephah stand. If the Caleb thought predominates to the clearing up of the Ephah thought, greater firmness and strength will result. On the other hand, if the darkness and gloom of the sense soul thought (Ephah, the concubine of Caleb) remains in evidence and becomes strengthened in its sense darkness instead of being overcome by its union with faith, enthusiasm, and courage (Caleb), greater uncleanness and impurity (unclean, filthy, dirty) would be expressed than would have been expressed had the union not taken place.

A thought of deeper and more thorough cleansing and purification should be held at every fresh flow of new life, energy, and faith into consciousness; otherwise, errors are likely to become strengthened in one instead of being put out of consciousness.

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