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Metaphysical meaning of Ethan (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ethan (mbd)
Ethan, e'-than (Heb.)--ancient; perennial; perpetual; firm; strong; mighty.

a The Ezrahite, one of the wise men of Solomon's time (I Kings 4:31). b One of David's musicians or singers (I Chron. 6:44). c An ancestor of Asaph, a singer (I Chron. 6:42).

Meta. The firm, strong root in consciousness that the old thoughts about God have gained because of the length of time that they have been kept alive in the race (ancient suggests this).

There is a marked tendency in mankind to accept as a fixed, unalterable law (this is suggested by perpetual) anything that has been almost universally believed for ages. Yet many of these beliefs are very limited, and are decidedly erroneous; one by one they are being overthrown as new and fuller light dawns on the race. The Christ wisdom (represented by Solomon) is far ahead of any belief that is held to just because one's parents, grandparents, and ancestors for generations back believed it. We should always hold ourselves receptive to our inner Christ wisdom, even if we have to let go of many fondly cherished race beliefs in order to do so.

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