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Metaphysical meaning of Elon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Elon (mbd)
Elon, e'-lon (Heb.)--strong man; an oak; any embodiment of strength, power, or stability.

a A Zebulunite who judged Israel for ten years (Judg. 12:11). b A city of Canaan that was allotted to Dan (Josh. 19:43). c A Hittite, father of one of Esau's wives (Gen. 26:34). d A son of Zebulun, who was Jacob's son (Gen. 46:14).

Meta. Thoughts of strength and power. In the case of Elon the Hittite, the thought of strength and power is very material and is not enduring. In the significance of Elon who was a judge of Israel, and the city of Elon that belonged to the Israelitish tribe of Dan, the quality of judgment is also present. (See DA,)

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