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Metaphysical meaning of Eliasaph (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Eliasaph (mbd)
Eliasaph, e-h'-a-sar)h (Heb.)--God adds; God increases; whom God enlarges, i.e., adds to; added of God; God gathers together, i.e., sweeps or scrapes together that which was formerly scattered.

a Son of Reuel and prince of the children of Gad at the time that Moses and Aaron numbered the Israelites in the wilderness, on the way to Canaan (Num. 2:14). b Son of Lael, and "prince of the fathers' house of the Gershonites" (Num. 3:24).

Meta. God, Divine Mind, is the power that increases and multiplies true ideas in consciousness. Our ability, or power, to concentrate, to gather our ideas and centralize them, control them, also comes from the one Mind--God.

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