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Metaphysical meaning of Ecclesiastes (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ecclesiastes (mbd)
Ecclesiastes, ec-cle-sl-as'-tes (Gk.)--preacher; leader of a convocation; speaker before the congregation.

A book of the Old Testament that is supposed to have been written by Solomon in his old age. This book tells of the vanity of the desires, sensations, pleasures, and attainments of the outer personal man, and it points the way to that which alone is worthy of consideration: remembrance of God.

Meta. Experience. Experience preaches very effectively; the fruit of experience is the most impressive sermon in life. Experience teaches us that it is impossible to find satisfaction and true lasting joy in sensual, earthly pleasures and in self-seeking. The only way to gain the realities of life that satisfy both soul and body is to turn within to God and become unified consciously with Him.

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