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Metaphysical meaning of Dilean (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Dilean (mbd)
Dilean, dll'-e-an (Heb.)--gourd field; gourd; cucumber; anything that is oblong, tongue-shaped.

A lowland city of Judah (Josh. 15:38).

Meta. The gourd that the Lord prepared to shelter Jonah came up in a night and perished in a night (Jonah 4:6, 10). The wild gourds of II Kings 4: 39-41 were poisonous. According to the texts in Jonah and in II Kings, gourds refer to a quality in consciousness that is not established or permanent. They refer also to some quality that is not in harmony with man's body and is very poisonous. This quality is anger, no doubt, and an unpoised frame of mind, because Jonah was very angry with the Lord. The prophets who gathered the wild gourds and partook of the pottage made from them were in an excited state of thought also, until Elisha healed the pottage with some meal--in other words, established peace and assurance in consciousness through love.

Dilean (gourd field, gourd, cucumber, tongue-shaped, a city in the low lands of Judah) symbolizes a state of thought in man that is of a changeable, excited, scornful character, and seemingly of little value. It does not understand the opulence of Spirit or the abidingness of all that is established in Spirit--even the outermost consciousness and organism of every individual will abide alive and entire when man is wholly unified with God. The state of thought that Dilean signifies needs to be lifted into Truth, through praise and prayer (Judah).

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