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Metaphysical meaning of Conaniah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Conaniah (mbd)
Conaniah (in A.V., II Chron. 31:12, Cononiah), eon-a-nl'-ah (Heb.--Jah is founding; Jehovah has appointed; Jah has made; made by Jehovah; Jah has sustained.

a A Levite who was ruler over the tithes and dedicated things in the house of Jehovah during Hezekiah's reign (II Chron. 31:12). b A chief of the Levites in Josiah's reign; he, with some others, gave large numbers of cattle and oxen to the Levites for the Passover offerings (II Chron. 35:9).

Meta. Love (the men named Conaniah were of the tribe of Levi) expressed in worship and service. There can be no true worship or service apart from love, for love is established and sustained by Jehovah (made by Jehovah, Jah has sustained).

It is the very essence of Jehovah, for God is love, and love is the spiritual quality that is appointed of the Lord as the governing factor in man's consciousness that he releases to God, in all that he affirms and realizes to be spiritual (the tithes and dedicated things). In all sacrifices also (the giving up of one's lower thoughts and activities that they may be transmuted into spiritual energy, life, strength, and substance) love plays a very important part.

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