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Metaphysical meaning of Chilion (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Chilion (mbd)
Chilion, ch;l'-l-on (Heb.)--pining; wasting away; sickly; consumption; destruction.

One of the two sons of Naomi and Elimelech, Israelites of Bethlehem-judah (Ruth 1:2).

Meta. Elimelech means God is king. But Naomi (the soul) has let her desire run out to the sense consciousness, and has given her substance to it. Therefore the sons, or thought emanations, that come from the soul and its consciousness of God as king are not strong, positive and vital; they are not filled with confidence and assurance as they should be.

Chilion represents a thought that has its inception in spiritual Truth, but has been deprived of its true nourishment; it has been forced to give of its power and substance to the carnal mind (Moab), and in the end makes a union with the soul in its unawakened and darkened state (he married a Moabitish woman). Thus the thought that Chilion signifies loses strength (wasting away, consumption) and constantly longs for its true spiritual sustenance (pining); it is never contented, healthy, or happy, because it is out of its proper environment (it is sickly). It finally dies childless--passes out of consciousness without having brought forth any definite fruit to eternal life and good.

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