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Metaphysical meaning of Blastus (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Blastus (mbd)
Blastus, blas'-tus (Gk.)--shoot; a bud; sprout; that buds.

A chamberlain of King Herod Agrippa's. He was a friend to "them of Tyre and Sidon" (Acts 12:20).

Meta. Sense man's belief that the mortal will, or the ruling ego of the sense man (Herod), causes life and its awakening ideas of good to germinate and to come to fruition in consciousness (shoot, sprout, that buds). This belief brings forth no fruit (Blastus was a eunuch) because it is a false one. God (unformed Spirit) alone is the origin of all life, understanding, growth, unfoldment. and attainment of good. The human will cannot attempt to put itself in the place of God without bringing about disastrous results. (Read Acts 12:21-23.)

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