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Metaphysical meaning of Beth-diblathaim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Beth-diblathaim (mbd)
Beth-diblathaim, beth-dlb-la-tha'-ïm (Heb.)--house of Diblathaim; house of the two fig cakes; house of pressing together; house of assembly

A Moabitish town. It is thought to be the same place as Almon-diblathaim (Jer. 48:22).

Meta. An assemblage of thoughts of duality that have become established in man's consciousness; they are now ripe for judgment, or adjustment. (So we derive the meaning, house of assembly house of two fig cakes house of pressing together. Two fig cakes and pressing together give the suggestion that two kinds of thought, or a belief in both evil and good, are being carried in consciousness; and judgment is pronounced upon Beth-diblathaim, or this state of thought, by the prophet. See Jer. 48:21, 22). Moab stands for the carnal mind and the most external conditions of life, yet within man's inner consciousness the true idea of life and substance always abides. (See ALMON-DIBLATHAIM.)

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