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Metaphysical meaning of Beth-dagon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Beth-dagon (mbd)
Beth-dagon, beth-da'-gon (Heb.)--house of Dagon; house of the little fish; house of that which is abundantly propagated; house of abundant increase.

a A town in the lowlands of Judah, close to the Philistines (Josh. 15:41). b A border town of Asher (Josh. 19: 27) .

Meta. Increase of ideas, but upon a sense plane rather than a spiritual plane. (Dagon was a national god of the Philistines; the meaning of the name is abundant propagation, fish.) There was a temple of Dagon at Beth-dagon before the Israelites took this town from the Philistines; no doubt the town derived its name from that fact. After coming into the possession of the Israelites (true thoughts in consciousness) this place of increase of ideas (which Beth-dagon represents) is raised to a higher level, and the error beliefs are gradually erased from it.

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