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Metaphysical meaning of Beth-barah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Beth-barah (mbd)
Beth-barah, beth-ba'-rah (Heb.)--house of the crossing over; house of crossings; house of fords.

A ford of the river Jordan (Judg. 7:24); same place as Bethabara (A. V.), or Bethany, where John did much of his baptizing, and where he baptized Jesus.

Meta. The place in consciousness where, by discernment and denial of seeming error, we can cleanse our thoughts from error sufficiently to enable us to cross safely over (house of the crossing over) the flood of mortal, earthly race thoughts about life, that the river Jordan represents.

Gideon, who won the victory over the hosts of Midian, at or near Beth-barah (Judg. 7), represents judgment in process of development, and the destroying of error by denial. John's baptism also signifies cleansing of the consciousness by denial of error.

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