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Metaphysical meaning of Ben-oni (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ben-oni (mbd)
Ben-oni, ben-o'-nl (Heb.)--son of my sorrow.

The name that Rachel gave to Benjamin at his birth; she died when he was born (Gen. 35:18), and Jacob changed his name to Benjamin (son of the right hand).

Meta. Rachel (ewe, lamb) stands for the pure, lamblike quality of the spiritual soul in its first stages of conscious unfoldment. It is untried and is without true understanding and guiding power. When it brings forth the active quality of faith (Benjamin) through its union with the mentality (Jacob), it experiences sorrow and dies. That is, it sinks back into seeming oblivion in the subconsciousness until a further understanding and development are attained. But the activity of faith (Benjamin), which for a period seems a Benoni (son of my sorrow) to the negative soul quality (Rachel), becomes strength and executive power (son of the right hand) to the more active mental side of the individual, which Jacob represents.

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