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Metaphysical meaning of Beer-lahai-roi (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Beer-lahai-roi (mbd)
Beer-lahai-roi (A. V., Gen. 24:62 and 25:11, the well Lahai-roi), be'-er-lå-hai'roi (Heb.)--the well of the living one who seeth me; well of the living one that beholds me; the well of him that liveth and seeth me, or the well of the vision of life.

A fountain of water in the wilderness (Gen. 16:7-14), "in the way to Shur," where the angel met Hagar when she fled from Sarai. Isaac lived by the same well later (Gen. 25:11).

Meta. The recognition by the individual that his life is divine, is spiritual (the well of the living one who seeth me), and is for the whole man. Even the outer or physical man and the human aspect of the soul are sustained by the life of God, the living one.

It was beside this well that the Lord met Hagar and instructed her to return to Sarai, and also blessed her son Ishmael who was to be born. Hagar represents the natural soul. Sarai represents the spiritual. Ishmael refers to the outer or flesh consciousness. Isaac symbolizes divine sonship (Isaac lived later by this well). When it is understood that there is but one life, and that it is always everywhere present in its fullness, the entire man will be lifted up into eternal life.

Beer-lahai-roi also denotes God as the guiding light of both the inner and the outer man (the well of the vision of life), thus leading man to a perfect understanding of the life idea.

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