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Metaphysical meaning of Beer-elim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Beer-elim (mbd)
Beer-elim, be'-er-e'-llm (Heb.)--well of trees; well of the gods; well of heroes; well of princes.

A well to the south of Moab, or a place where there was a well (Isa . 1 5: 8); it is the same place as Beer. (See BEER.)

Meta. The high esteem in which the deep reservoirs of life and Truth in us should be held; also our union in consciousness with the inexhaustible life of Spirit. This life is symbolized in well of trees, well of the gods, well of ,heroes, well of princes; trees represent the nerves, and the nerves are expressions of thoughts of unity. They connect thought centers. The nerves lie very close to the spiritual in man, also to the physical; so a tree represents the connecting link between heaven and earth, the formless and the formed. Gods, heroes, and princes suggest high rank and value, and wells denote inner sources of life.

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