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Metaphysical meaning of Bath-rabbim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Bath-rabbim (mbd)
Bath-rabbim, bath-rab'-b;m (Heb.)--daughter of many; daughter of a multitude; daughter of greatness; measure of greatness.

A gate near the pools of Heshbon (Song of Sol. 7:4).

Meta."Thine eyes as the pools in Heshbon, By the gate of Bath-rabbim."Solomon is speaking here to his beloved; the symbolism is of Christ and His bride, or the divine masculine (wisdom) in individual consciousness, in its attitude toward love (the true spiritual feminine).

In olden times gates were public meeting places as well as places to allow entrance to cities. Court and other meetings were often held in the gates. Bath-rabbim represents a place, in the phase of consciousness that Heshbon typifies, for the gathering together and guarding of the multitude of receptive soul thoughts (daughter of many) that belong to the feminine, or love, in man. This divine feminine (love, or the redeemed and purified soul) is very dear and beautiful to the masculine or wisdom, the Christ, which is the true bridegroom of the soul. "Wisdom and love are lifted up together in me, and al e unified in my consciousness," is a good thought to hold.

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