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Metaphysical meaning of Baalath-beer (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Baalath-beer (mbd)
Baalath-beer, ba'-al-ath-be'-er (Heb.) --city of the well; place of the well; lady of the well; mistress of the well; subjects of the pit.

A city of Canaan that was allotted to the Israelitish tribe of Simeon (Josh. 19:8); Baal of I Chronicles 4:33 may be the same city.

Meta. Baalath-beer, meaning city of the well, place of the well, lady of the well, pertains to the waters of life, which lie deep within the subjective vital forces of man. Under material thought the life forces in man are expressed in sense ways until they have become a snare, a pit, to trap and to destroy (subjects of the pit). By listening to and obeying the voice of Truth (Baalath-beer was taken over by the Israelitish tribe of Simeon, Simeon meaning hearing, obedience) the seeming pitfall of ignorance concerning life is subjected to the enlightenment of Spirit. Thus the individual becomes conscious of the truth about life, and the waters of life spring up in his mind and body in their original purity and abundance, giving him eternal life.

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