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Metaphysical meaning of Baal-hazor (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Baal-hazor (mbd)
Baal-hazor, ba'-al-ha'-zor (Heb.)--Baal's village; lord of the village; possessor of the inclosure; lord of the castle.

The place where Absalom held his sheep-shearing feast at the time that he killed his half-brother Amnon (II Sam. 13 :23).

Meta. A place in the apparently higher or religious consciousness of man where material thought still prevails.

Absalom represents physical beauty without the corresponding beauty of soul. Amnon symbolizes a mental quality in man in process of education, a quality that, when its education is completed, will bring about faithfulness. Material thought blinds the individual to the good that is in process of coming to light and causes him to judge according to the senses. This manner of judging is common to unawakened man; the thoughts in his consciousness that approve of it are many (Baal's village). It is this outer form of judging that upholds that which looks so well to the eye of the physical (Absalom), and destroys, or limits in its expression, the inner qualities that would bring about faithfulness to Truth if allowed full awakening. This in time would change the whole man into spiritual expression and manifestation. But the flesh is always warring against the spiritual.

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