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Metaphysical meaning of Baal-hamon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Baal-hamon (mbd)
Baal-hamon, ba'-al-ha'-mon (Heb.)--possessor of plenty; place of the multitude; lord of the multitude; place of Jupiter Ammon.

A place where Solomon had a vineyard (Song of Sol. 8:11). It is thought by some to be the same place as Baal-gad.

Meta. The significance is much the same as that of Baal-gad, though Solomon's vineyard gives the added thought of abundant life. While both life and all increase of substance and supply come from Spirit, Baal gives a suggestion of the mistaken belief that is still so prevalent among people today, the belief that the source of life and substance is in the outer world of form and activity. Man needs to learn that the true source of all people, as well as the source of all supply and of every real expression and manifestation, is unformed Spirit; having learned that, he will get away from Baal worship entirely. (See BAAL.)

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